Track Title: Tyra Is Horny



1. Mama Hot!

I called out Tyra for being super horny the other week, and it seems like production has yet to find a vibrator to calm Ms. Banks down. Now that there are guys on her show, she’s clearly got just one thing on her brain… and it’s not judging a modeling competition. 

Rather than writing down all of the filthy things Tyra says this time around, I made a dance remix. The audio clips (mostly from this episode, but all from this cycle) paint a pretty clear picture of Tyra’s libido. 

Download the MP3 here

Play this song at your next party and everyone will be grooving, if not outright masturbating, on the dance floor. 

Dance loop created by djgriffin

6 Funniest Moments of ANTM Cycle 21 Episode 5


Willthew. And nothing else matters. 


Willthew. And nothing else matters. 

We’re all h  u  m  a  n, aren’t we? Every human life is worth the same, and worth saving.


"I want a dude to win, but I don’t want it to be Will. I can’t let myself get beat by a dude who wears heels"


no big willthew moments last episode but can we please just appreciate this happens when Tyra congratulates Matthew for winning the challenge tho


will didn’t choose matthew for the tyra suite…


[tyra’s voice] next week on america’s next top model:


I am horribly uncomfortable with the amount of homophobia on this year’s cycle of ANTM. The fact that there have been so many negative comments about Will being gay, about Matthew and Will’s kiss, and then the double standard of it being okay for two girls to make out (one of whom constantly talks about how some action is “gay” all of the time in a derogatory sense)…

I’m just not feeling you, cycle 21. Tyra, what are you thinking?

Where’s that season 7 Tyra Banks saying a girl couldn’t even think about getting into the modeling industry for being homophobic