Jennifer Aniston stopped by Jimmy Kimmel last night to promote her new movie, Life of Crime. It was merely a joincidence that Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow were passing by, but anyway, this happened and it makes us feel so warm in our HOLLOW TIN CHESTS!

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What is magic? Focused deception. But deception meant to entertain.


when an artist you hate comes out with a good song





1. #FratStar

Fuck, I am not looking forward to having to deal with this guy.

Adam introduces himself as “your typical lovable fraternity guy” and I’m left scratching my head. I can easily picture hundreds of typical fraternity guys, yet not one of them would I consider lovable. The very idea that he thinks being a drunk asshole makes him in any way admirable shows he has a warped perception. As I watched him brag about partying, all I could think was he’s in for a wakeup call when he graduates college, leaves the fraternity, and discovers that the real world isn’t nearly as tolerant of this obnoxious behavior.

AND THEN I NOTICED THAT HE’S 26! That means that Adam is more than a few years out of undergrad and just clinging to this fraternity identity. I can decide whether it’s more pathetic or scary. He tells the judges, “I’m somewhat of a legend in my fraternity. They actually still have a pledge event where they ask trivia questions about me.” 

Hmm, is that actually an honor? If I were to guess what some of the questions look like:

  • How many times was Adam admitted to the hospital with alcohol poisoning?
  • How many times did campus security write up Adam for stealing their golf carts?
  • How many sorority sisters regretted waking up next to Adam?

Every reason to hate Adam is apparent in his ideal schedule:

Tyra might like Adam’s “energy,” but at least it’s clear that the editors despise him. Notice how they listed Adam’s first sex session at just two minutes long.  

I wouldn’t mind Adam so much if he were just a stupid frat guy who knows at some level that he’s a loser but is too much of a lush to make any life changes. Adam, however, genuinely thinks his frat-brother-for-life attitude makes him a champ. He also keeps boasting that he’s smarter than everyone else, too. [Like Miss J’s masculine side, though, "footage not found."]   

"Everyone parties," says Adam. "I’m just better at it."

Case in point: if these people were partying as well as Adam, would they have to have their faces blurred? Didn’t think so!

"I’m in the top 1% of partiers in the country," he also asserts to Tyra. I love how casually and confidently he breaks out that statistic as if that figure is in anyway scientific. Site your source, Adam. How does someone measure who is a better partier? Which academic publication is ranking American partiers and placing you in the 1%? 

That said, I would agree that Adam is in the top 1% of making me throw up in my mouth a little bit, especially when he says things like, “I’m gonna be on alpha male mountain looking down at all the people who are less attractive than I am. Hello, ladies! I’m gonna come in hot. I’m coming in like a banshee outta hell. Probably french seven or eight of them just off the bat, let ‘em know I’m here to play.” Oh, and then he growls like a lion.

Thank goodness we have someone like Miss J who is happy to mock Adam’s weird grunting and growling. He did lose me a little bit, though, when he mentions he “wants some of what [Adam] got.” No. If Adam does happen to share any pills with you, double-check to make sure it isn’t a roofie.

At least Kelly Cutrone has an accurate read on Adam. After he leaves the room, she says, “I hope my daughter never comes home with a guy like him.” Look, I don’t even think I like you, Cutrone, but even I think you and your family deserve better. We ALL deserve better.

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"This is life’s ultimate cruelty. It offers us a taste of youth and vitality, and then it makes us witness our own decay."

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"Ian is bipolar, pretty severely. He is self-medicating with drugs and he probably went through some sort of traumatic event in basic training. Not to mention, the exacerbation of his illness from the stress from his relationship with Mickey’s character has left a pretty large wound on his psyche at the moment." - Cameron Monaghan